Connected EmpireEdit

A player's connected empire is the territories connected by border, that is owned solely by that player.


See: Region

A group of territories that when owned by one player, entitle that player to a region bonus


See: Territory

A piece of the gameboard that a player can control. In standard Risk, each territory is represented by a country, or part of a country.



See: Artillery

The largest army on the board. The Artillery (or Cannon) represents 10 armies.


See: Cavalry

The middle army available on the board. Each Cavalry (lighthorse) represents 5 armies.


See: Infantry

The standard army used in Risk. Each Infantry (or foot soldier) represents 1 army. They are the most used piece in Risk.

Other ItemsEdit


See: Dice

Dice are used to battle in Risk

Risk CardsEdit

See: Risk Cards

Risk Cards are traded in for extra troops. In some editions of Risk (example Star Wars Risk), Risk cards play a greater role.

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