Box Art

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Release Date November 2006
Number of Players 2-5
Territories 42 Planets split into 6 regions
  • Rebel Alliance (Orange and Yellow)
  • Imperial Army/ Empire (Grey and White)
  • Hutts (Green)

Game PlayEdit


In the game, there are 3 factions, each with its own winning conditions.

The Rebel Alliance must find and destroy the Emperor, who will be hiding at one of his Imperial Bases. He is the mastermind of the evil Galactic Empire. The Empire must eliminate all Rebel forces. "Wipe them out. All of them". The Hutts must take control of 10 of the 13 Resource Planets. Tyhe moment the 10th planet has been conquered, the game is over and the Hutts have won.

Game BoardEdit

It is not a map of the entire Star Wars galaxy (which contains tens of thousands of inhabited planets), but is a map of the key planets from the Original Trilogy. The Gameboard is divided into 42 planets. These planets are grouped into regions.

List of RegionsEdit

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Mid Rim

Colour: Grey

Number of planets: 11

Region Bonus: 5

Core Worlds

Colour: Blue

Number of planets: 9

Region Bonus: 1

Outer Rim

Colour: Orange

Number of planets: 8

Region Bonus: 5

Elrood Sector

Colour: Green

Number of planets: 6

Region Bonus: 3

Ison Corridor

Colour: Red

Number of Planets: 4

Region Bonus: 2

Wild Space

Colour: Yellow

Number of planets: 4

Region Bonus: 2