Risk II is a computer game released by Hasbro Interactive. It Consists of 3 modes of play; Classic, Same Time and Tournament.


Classic is played the same way as Risk. The rules are the same, and players take their turns in order.

Same TimeEdit

Same Time Risk introduces a new way to play risk. Each player takes their turn at the same time, in secret. All attacks are made at the beginning of a round, and when they are finished, it moves to the tactical move phase.

Countries can be attacked from two adjacent countries at the same time, these are known as 'mass invasions'. Mass invasions can include more than two enemies, for example, Red can attack green from two countries, or red and blue can attack green at the same time. When this happens, the country becomes empty, and because of this, the two countries (eg. Red and blue) go into a 'Spoils of war' event. Both enemies go to war, and the victor claims control of the country.

Each player is allowed one surge attack per turn. This is when a player plans to continue an attack after a battle is won. For Example, Yellow makes plans to attack Peru from Argentina. Yellow then plans a surge attack from Peru to Brazil. If Yellow is unsuccssesful in conquering Peru, the surge attack is ignored.

There are also limits to the number of infantry you are allowed to place in a country. The limit is 3 +1 for each adjacent country in your control. For example, white owns Alaska, but green owns every country bordering it, white may only put 3 soldiers in Alaska. If Red owns E Australia, W Australia and Indonesia, he can put 5 troops in any one of those countries.



List of AI GeneralsEdit

  • Campbell
  • Mackenzie
  • Wellington
  • Bonaparte
  • Marmont
  • Barbacena
  • D'Erlon
  • Maransin
  • Solignac
    • Sherbrooke
    • Aubert
    • Spencer
    • Taupin
    • Friere
    • Vauban
    • Baird

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