Particularly in cases where you are playing with many players, it is typically not strategically great to be the player that breaks up everyone else's continents. Therefore, we consider awarding a player for doing this on their turn. Here are several options:

  • Extra Card: A player gets 1 extra cards for breaking up one or more continents on their turn. This means they get exactly two cards (one for conquering at least one territory and one for breaking at least one continent).
  • Extra Armies: A player gets half the armies (rounded down) that the broken continent is worth. So breaking up Australia or South America is worth 1 army, breaking Europe or North America is worth 2 armies, and breaking Asia is worth 3. Several options exist.
    • Local Deployment versus Global Deployment: option (a) new armies are deployed in the territory conquered that broke the continent; option (b) new armies are deployed in any adjacent territory to the one conquered; option (c) new armies can be deployed anywhere.
    • Timing: option (a) new armies are deployed immediately; option (b) new armies are deployed at the end of the attacking player's turn; option (c) new armies are deployed at the beginning of the attacking player's next turn.