In Star Wars Risk, Risk cards may be traded in for ships, either a Fighter, Bomber or Capital Class. Each class has its own advantage.


A fighter allows a player to re-roll a dice if it is a one. If a player rolls 2 ones, and only has one fighter class ship, they may only re-roll one of the two dice.

Fighter Class ShipsEdit

  • TIE Fighter (Empire)
  • X-Wing Fighter (Rebels)
  • (Hutts)


A bomber allows a player to add one to their highest die. FOr example, if I player rolls a 5, 2 and 1, the 5 becomes a 6. The other two dice remain the same.

Bomber Class ShipsEdit

  • TIE Bomber (Empire)
  • Y-Wing Fighter (Rebels)
  • (Hutts)


A capital gives the player the advantage of using an 8-sided die.

Capital Class ShipsEdit

  • Star Destroyer (Empire)
  • Mon Calamari (Rebels)
  • (Hutts)

Using a ShipEdit

When a Risk card is traded in for a ship, the ship is placed in a territory under your control. Ships can be used in both attack and defence.

A ship cannot be destroyed when attacking, even if the battle is lost. The ship just retreats to the planet it attacked from. If a planet with a ship on it is attacked, and the team with the ship is beaten, then the ship is destroyed and removed off the board.