Due to the repetitiveness of Risk battles, players sometimes come across the issue of whether or not a valid dice roll has been made during a battle to conquer a territory. There happens on occasion to be a defender who, expecting yet another attack, carelessly rolls the defending dice before the attacker rolls and decides that he will continue the assault. The attacker would be at an advantage if he were able to view the dice roll he is up against, especially when the defender rolls a six (meaning certain defeat for one of the attacking armies).

One option is to allow the attacker to have the option of deciding whether to halt his attack or confidently roll against a relatively low roll by the defender.   This has the effect of penalizing the defender for his carelessness.

A second option is the attacker may still decide whether he wants to continue, but he will be forced to forfeit an army if the defender has rolled a single six or forfeit two armies if the defender had rolled double sixes.   It is important to note that this option potentially allows the defender to manipulate the situation a bit, especially in cases where the subsequent battles require a precise number of armies being brought through the battle at hand.  

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