No official alliances or truces exist in the game, although players often form unofficial treaties to safeguard themselves from attacks while they concentrate their forces elsewhere, or to eliminate a player who has grown too strong. There are no rules protecting these agreements, and therefore these agreements are often broken. Alliance making/breaking can be one of the most important elements of the game, and it adds human interaction to a decidedly probabilistic game.

In Risk II (computer game), alliances are available between you, the player and AI Generals, however, there is no guarentee that they will honour their promise, and you may sometimes find yourself stabbed in the back by one of your opponents. This feature is not avaliable in Hotseat mode. In Risk II, there are 3 levells of alliances:

  • Level 1-You agree not to attack each others continents or connected empire, unless it is in your best interest.
  • Level 2- You agree not to attack each others continents or connected empire.
  • Level 3- You agree to not attack each other at all.